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About---Guiding Principals


Elmhurst Sports / Basketball Program – Guiding Principles

As we embark on this new season, I wanted to remind all of you to continue to strive to uphold the guiding principles that are the foundation of this program’s success.  They are as follows:

    • Open Registration – Everyone is welcome!  Every child in 2nd grade through 12th grade, at any skill level, that resides in Elmhurst or its’ neighboring communities, is welcome to join.

    • Fair & Balanced Teams – We conduct player evaluations and a league draft to give every coach an equal and fair opportunity at selecting a team that can compete in this league.  Parity amongst teams makes for more competitive games and fun for all involved.

    • Everyone Plays – And everyone plays equally.  Coaches don’t have to worry whether they played each player equally.  We have developed policies to give everyone an equal opportunity to participate and contribute.

    • Good Sportsmanship – All participants should strive to demonstrate good sportsmanship, teamwork and respect for all players, coaches and officials.  Remember, it is only a game and the children are here to have fun with friends, learn new skills and be part of a program they really enjoy.

    • FUN over Winning – As participating players, coaches, parents, officials and leaders in our Basketball Program, we are all expected to keep fun and winning in their proper perspective.  We all can acknowledge that winning is more fun and exciting than losing, but we should always be mindful that there is always another team/classmate/friend on the other side of that experience.  Let’s provide them with a supportive environment where they have the freedom to fail and they develop the desire to succeed.  Let them be children, let them make mistakes and mostly, let them have FUN!

    • Player Development – Elmhurst Sports is committed to providing the opportunity and resources for all players to develop their skills and challenge themselves by participating in competitive games.  We emphasize teamwork and cooperation with teammates.  The better they work together, the better they will play as a team.  A great life lesson!

    • Active & Fit – We have modified some basketball rules to lengthen the games and thus playing time and keep the players active.  We want to maximize playing the game and minimize stoppage time while still holding true to the spirit of the game.

Always keep in mind that developing a child’s self-worth is more important than developing their basketball skills.  If each parent and child focusses on gaining confidence, having fun, developing skills and winning, in that order, we have been successful.

We are excited about the upcoming IN-House Basketball Leagues and look forward to a fun season.

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